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Boring Systems Build Awesome(expletive) Businesses

Innovate on your core product, not on your plumbing (this rule is extremely tempting for developers to break - see next rule)

Choose developers based on their track record and their commitment to ruthless simplicity and business growth

This is a smart post and makes a great point. It is also important to note that it is a developers responsibility to steer the business in the right direction. A lead developer or architect will often be given free reign to choose languages, frameworks, and of course design the system.

It is a great responsibility and requires integrity to put the needs of the business above ones own grandeur or desire to due the next hot thing. Like spider-man says, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Petabytes to Gigabytes FYI

Petabytes to Gigabytes FYI to Acquire comiXology

This is great news for everyone but the competition. Amazon has great selection and great prices, but a terrible reading experience. This deal will widen the customer base for comics in general. 

I’m sure there will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth about how Amazon is going to ruin the entire industry by driving prices down, but I’m sure there will be more benefits than drawbacks. 

The Future Doesn’t Have to Be Incremental

The Future is Hard To Predict

Because people almost never consider the realities of business. They imagine the possibilities of the future, the ability of human kind, and the amazing advancements that every human on earth will enjoy. But people don’t intrinsically consider the greed. The fact that corporations will torpedo progress in favor of profit.

The incentive is not progress it’s money.

Until we calculate that into our predictions or into our view of how society should function, our predictions will never come true.

USB 3.1: Looks like the first bad idea for a lightning connector.

A great suggestion from spotify, which is clearly based on infallible logic.

A great suggestion from spotify, which is clearly based on infallible logic.

Here's why the Europa mission is real, and could very well happen

NASA performing ridiculous feats of engineering is not only super fun, it’s a great advancement of science and a nice booster for the economy.

This story is also a great example of how stupid our political system has become. The deciding factor on whether or we not get funding for a NASA Europa mission is that a congressmen from Houston got a particular seat in a committee. Merits, who needs those?

The Top F2P Monetization Tricks

A much better take on something I tried to talk about a few weeks back