1. Every tech blogger with a keyboard has brought up the fact that the simplicity of the IOS home page is an innovation. They wax poetic about how easy it is for new users to understand and how anyone can use it. I can’t argue against, it’s all true.

    However, i’m curious if that simplicity is going to be enough as the medium moves forward? Does the iOS homepage need to start making progress at some point?

    I agree that users needed a way to get started with a new medium, that simplicity provided that and so much more, but now we’re acquainted, we know the paradigm, and its time we start to add functionality even at the cost of simplicity. Or should iOS sit still and rest on it’s laurels? Should it just stay simple forever? Should it add new features but never at the detriment to simplicity?

    I say no, lets start complicating some things and making others less complicated.

    Let’s tackle some big fat mobile computing problems, and sacrifice simplicity at the alter of design. I’m talking notifications, alerts, multi-tasking, information sharing between apps, and all the niggling little frivolities that other platforms are starting to work out.

    Simplicity is great, but so is progress. In fact, I prefer progress.


    Please don’t kill me. And also I like widgets. Please don’t kill me again.

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